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Course Results

Courses on ACORN may be graded either by ACORN, an Auckland Challenge Staff member or appointee, if you disagree with your results you may request a review by emailing

Privacy and use of information

You agree any information provided in ACORN or to Auckland Challenge staff for ACORN may be stored and referenced by Auckland Challenge for the purposes of providing courses, technical assistance, coordination of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, analytics and in any way Auckland Challenge deems fit. Your data may be stored by Auckland Challenge including offsite on hosted servers. Auckland Challenge may share any information provided, including results with The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award or partners of Auckland Challenge.


Auckland Challenge accepts no liability for any harm that is a result of the use of the ACORN platform, including but not limited to, malicious software, information theft, physical injury or destruction of property as a result of information provided by Auckland Challenge or it's affiliates.


If you are a DofE Participant in an Auckland Challenge Operated or Supported Award Unit or a member of an Award Unit partnered with Auckland Challenge you agree that and grant permission for ACORN to access your DofE Online Record Book for the provision of ACORN's service. Unless you are a member of an Auckland Challenge Operated or Supported Award Unit Auckland Challenge staff cannot access your Online Record Book by way of this permission.


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